Stacey Vannasdale

For more than 20 years Stacey has had a passion for building both people and businesses. Through her background in Real Estate and Real Estate Education, she strives to help others do more, be more and achieve more! Her mission is to inspire and encourage anyone facing challenges that they too can turn past pain and rejections into their own “Watch Me” moments.

“Throughout life, I have always felt an energy around me! An excited energy as if something great were about to happen! Most of us have a breakdown before we have a breakthrough! I have experienced this over and over again; in life and in business and I learned how to put that energy to use! That great energy is being on the VERGE! Through my own challenges, I have learned how to break down, breakthrough, and then breakout by living on the verge! It is my goal to inspire, empower, and teach other women how to thrive after those moments that make you feel like giving up. Every time someone says I can’t, I say, “Watch Me.” I want to help others experience the power of being “Women on the Verge!”

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Women on the Verge

Are you a Woman on the Verge? Women on the Verge is dedicated to every woman who is on the verge of her own greatness or ready to be mentored by other amazing women who have experienced their own “Verge” moment. We will share stories, interview women that are impacting their industries, and discuss inspiring topics. We’ll share resources, tips, and critical tools to help guide listeners on to their next level. We invite you to listen, engage and enjoy “Women on the Verge!”

Women on the Verge Recent Episodes

Episode 10 – Go Hunt Your Dream

Each of us has an idea or possibly a plan for ourselves, however, does it line up with your purpose? Have you ever felt frustrated with the direction your life isn’t headed? Join me as I discuss the journey of discovering your purpose.

Episode 9 – The Power of a Setback

This week join Stacey as she discusses how our most personal setbacks often set us up for our next great moments. This week she shares a very personal setback that set her up and gave her the confidence to begin to share her story with others.

Episode 8 – Vision vs. Strategy

This week Stacey discusses past interviews and guests to tie in a common theme of vision and strategy. She’ll discuss insight and the critical steps it takes to put vision into action in order to thrive in your next great moment in life.

Episode 7 – Guest: “Sareli” of Sareli Eats.

Join me and my guest – Sareli – of Sareli Eats as we discuss her breakout YouTube Channel, her challenges, her passion for food and laughter, and how she got her channel started. This rising Woman on the Verge will inspire you, and make you laugh as she shares her secret and not-so-secret story of success!

Episode 6 – Over the Rainbow with Guest Cristina Gil

Stacey and guest Cristina Gil, will discuss the heartbreak and comfort of Rainbow Babies

Episode 5 – Naturally Gifted – What are yours?

This week Stacey discusses natural gifts vs. learned habits.

Episode 4 – I’m Ready to Believe in ME!

This week Stacey discusses healthy esteem and confidence vs. ego and self-doubt.

Episode 3 – I Want a Mentor – Where Do I Start?

This week Stacey invites Colleen Bechtel to discuss when to seek a mentor and how to select the perfect mentor for you.

Episode 2 – How Did I Get Here?

Stacey talks with Shelley Siegel about childhood relationships and how we learn to communicate.  We’ll answer the question of how do we determine what role we play in a relationship, and how to let go of past habits that can hinder a breakthrough. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite books on the subject, and resources for creating better habits.

Episode 1

Stacey defines “What is a Woman on the Verge”?