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Shannon Brown

Self-Publishing Secrets

Shannon Brown is an award-winning author and journalist with both fiction and nonfiction books.

Originally from Alaska, she includes her home state in a series of sweet romances.

A love of Nancy Drew books inspired her to create a mystery series for ages 8-12. Shannon has learned to publish and sell those books over the last five years.

Shannon loves sharing her knowledge with others to help them reach their goals. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and calico cat.



What We Do

I help people self-publish their books using my book Self-Publishing Secrets 2019 and its Companion Workbook. The Self-Publishing Secrets membership group will launch soon. That will enable me to provide more help, more encouragement, and more information about writing, publishing, and marketing books.

Shannon’s Book, Self-Publishing Secrets 2019, takes you step-by-step from finished manuscript to published book. Each chapter answers one of your questions, all by an author who’s done this herself many times.

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