Paul Bright

Paul Bright is a mental health clinical specialist that resides in Solano County, California. He spent 10 years as an active duty member of the United States Air Force, serving as a jet engine mechanic, unit program developer, and leadership instructor. After years of deploying around the world to support operations such as Enduring Freedom and the Kosovo Air and Space Campaign, Paul separated from the military to concentrate on raising his family and pursuing higher education. He has continued to develop his leadership and motivational skills through serving the public via federal, county, and non-profit organizations.

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Bright Insights

Bright Insights will give you a fresh perspective on problems and challenges that can occur in your personal and professional life. Learn new ways of looking at people-oriented issues with military veteran-turned mental health specialist Paul Bright.

Bright Insights Recent Episodes

Episode 14 – What You get with a Vet

Are you considering hiring a military veteran? This podcast will inform you of what you get with a vet and way to help a veteran adjust to the civilian world.

Episode 13 – Haters Gonna Hate

Not everyone who disagrees with your dreams or success is a hater. In fact, some of those critics might be useful to your progression. Find out how to separate the haters from the growers!

Episode 12 – Reframing Failure

This podcast will help you take a look back at past failures, reframe them, and recover.

Episode 11 – Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Did you know your brain produces different electrical waves during specific activities? There’s one wave we don’t produce enough that can help our minds rest during the day. This progressive muscle relaxation exercise will help stimulate it so that you can become more of the – Alpha – you’re supposed to be.

Episode 10 – “Yeah, But…”

This is a motivational podcast for every entrepreneur that stopped an idea with these two words “Yeah, but…”

Episode 9 – Broken Fences

Parents arguing in front of children is normal. But when arguments escalate in frequency and intensity, you could be doing something very damaging to their brains. A special episode of Bright Insights.

Episode 8 – This Episode is Not FDA Approved

What’s up with those prescription med commercials that sound worse than the ailments they are supposed to cure? I’ll explain their format, their regulations, and the reason those medications still may help you.

Episode 7 – Hurting When Others Hurt

You’d probably expect to feel a little frightened and depressed for a couple of weeks if someone broke into your house or you got into a car accident. But what if it wasn’t you who had the traumatic experience yet your emotions are still hard to control? Check out this podcast to learn about what might be going on.

Episode 6 – Spinning Plates

If you feel like you’re spinning too many plates, sometimes the best thing to do is let a few of them fall. I’ll give you tools to help prioritize when everything is a priority.

Episode 5 – Dealing with Defensive People

Ever feel like every conversation you have with a certain employee or business colleague always has them on the defensive? Use some skills derived from Motivational Interviewing to turn the discussions from an unproductive fight to a healthy partnership.

Episode 4 – Grief and Business Loss

If you suffered a significant loss in your business and you feel like your best friend died, it’s normal. Listen to this podcast to find out why and what can help you pull out of that funk.

Episode 3 – Modern Employee Retention

A psychological theory developed in the 40s appears to influence today’s employee retention programs. Listen and learn about this “new” hierarchical approach.

Episode 2 – Truly Investing In Yourself

What if I told you that by investing in yourself at least 5 minutes a day can reap limitless rewards? You might think you’re already doing it, but chances are you can do it better.

Episode 1 – CBT and Problem Solving

Does it seem like the problems you encounter at your business appear to be complete, catastrophic events that end up being little more than a puff of smoke? Perhaps the CBT theoretical approach can change your way of thinking about real problems so you can focus on manageable solutions.