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When you are struggling to make sense of your life, business, or world events, how do you shift your focus to move forward with hope? How do you support your clients in doing the same? In this episode Carol explores Signs of Hope with Nancy Laulicht Seibel of Keys to Change.

Nancy is the Founder and Principal of Keys to Change, LLC.

Nancy Seibel’s Resources for Building Your Own Signs of Hope:

A Wonderful Way to Build Hope for Yourself and Others: Blog post that includes a free Department of Hope discussion guide

Department of Hope Blog: An array of posts exploring the topic of hope.

The Write Way to Well-Being Guide and Workbook: This e-book helps you build resilience and well-being, your own personal signs of hope!

Connect with Nancy on Facebook.  Like Keys to Change on Facebook. Or you can follow Nancy on Twitter  @NancyLSeibel.  Be sure to use her hashtag: #signsofhope