Lynn MacDonald

Mission Possible, You!

Meet Lynn MacDonald, your Personal Transformative Mentor, and host of Mission, Possible, You! Her talent is helping you cut through your self-imposed limitations. The ones that have held you back and weighted you down, preventing you from creating, thriving, and living your life to its fullest potential.

Lynn believes 100% in you! She believes anyone has the POWER to change and write a new story based upon their desires. They just have to want to! The ONLY way to change is from the inside out. Her coaching works from within, creating true transformation, helping people change and live extraordinary lives.

In the last 10 years, Lynn has worked with people who drank, smoked, woke up depressed for 25 years and lived with anxiety. She’s coached people who had bariatric surgery or were told they were food/sugar addicts and had to live the rest of their lives dealing with their “addiction”. Each of these individuals has gone on to thrive in life, cultivating successful relationships with themselves and others. And they’ve built successful businesses and are making a positive impact in the world.


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Mission Possible, You!

Mission Possible, You! was created specifically for listeners to be inspired about what happens when people become their own true heroes and do what seems impossible.

Host Lynn MacDonald shares the powerful stories of how ordinary, everyday people made major transformations in their lives. They’ve hit rock bottom and they’ve found their way back. They’ve turned their lives around 360 degrees and are now living lives better than they ever imagined! But this time they’ve become someone else!

Lynn shares topics relevant to every transformation, providing you with a wider perspective. This allows you to be open to new ways of thinking and being while creating shifts in your mindset, helping you achieve resourceful states of clarity that let you take action on what you desire.

The intention of each podcast is to move you in such a way that you begin to experience shifts that open you to new insights and perspectives so you can move your life and/or business to the next level.

Lynn’s Certifications:
HeartMath Trainer/Mentor
NLP Licensed Practitioner
Mind/Body Eating Coach
Yoga Instructor


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Ep. 30 – Questions from our Listeners

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Ep. 29 – The Power of Thought

Do you know you have default settings you were born with? Acutally, every human being who ever walked planet earth has them. Do you know what they are? Innate mental health (no, it never goes away, it can't be broken), peace, contentment, confidence, self-esteem,...

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Ep. 28 – Body Image

Have you suffered on and off most of your life from a poor body image? Did you try to fix it with punishing exercise and going on and off the latest diets? How did that work out for you? I know the drill. Even when you looked good, you still had poor body image. How...

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Ep. 27 – Stress From the Inside Out

Open up to fresh new insights about where stress really comes from! This should be breaking news! Tune in to and gain an understanding of how you can respond to stress differently and reduce your levels automatically without remember to do something - no technique, no...

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