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Liz Nonnemacher

Dedicated Creatives

I’m Liz Nonnemacher.

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Grandmother, Doggie Mom, Business Owner, Sarasota, lover of books, music, travel, yoga, beaches, baths, swimming. cooking, baking, doing laundry and connecting.

I’ve watched every episode of I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver and The Golden Girls. My dogs swim laps in the pool with a playlist.

My widowed mother says crazy, funny things and I am working on meditating. I also have an essential oil laboratory in my home and I have no brand loyalty.

My husband never stops talking except when he’s sleeping.


What We Do

Dedicated Creatives was founded to build on my love of connecting people. It started with a free Facebook Group and moved quickly into a website and now I facilitate non-compete online referral groups for business owners. I’m always running a group or putting people together using my wacky marketing skills. I started my journey as an entrepreneur in 2006 with a website that connected shoppers with product-based businesses so I have been working in the online arena and the social media world for over 13 years.

Referrals and Connections

Are you looking for more leads, collaboration, and connections – without competition?

The next Referral & Connections group will be from May 13 to July 1. This is a non-compete online group with four unique modules designed to help each group member get the most out of their exclusive role within the group. The cost is a one-time $147. Click here to choose your available category and to sign up.

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