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LeighAnn Heil

LeighAnn Heil Coaching

LeighAnn Heil is a media and public speaking coach. She shows high achievers how to harness their perfectionism and get on podcasts, into media, and onstage.

She often refers to her brand as “If Guns and Roses Wore Chanel.”

After raising a son with Asperger’s syndrome, she realized how we are all capable of achieving almost anything, if we have the right support.

LeighAnn spent over 20 years as a professional musician and promoter, and an additional 5 years as a live event director. She has been featured in publications like Thrive Global, news outlets like NBC and CBS, and her band charted at number 39 on Billboard Americana Music Charts.

Her mission is to help her clients feel invincible through the power of belief.

When not speaking on stage, on a podcast, or working on her next article, LeighAnn spends her spare time avoiding housework, traveling with her husband, and watching shark movies.

What We Do

I help perfectionists see how they can fast forward their business by getting on stage at live events and into media outlets. They embrace their message and send it to a more global audience, making tons of money in the process.

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