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Lee Lonitz

Social Media & Digital Strategist

Lee Lonitz is a San Jose social media “guru” (expert), strategist, coach, keynote speaker, and thought influencer. When it comes to social media marketing, Lee believes social media is all about creating a synergistic relationship between businesses and consumers.

Whereas traditional sales methods have focused on bombarding audiences with marketing messages, at its simplest social media is simply connecting online the genuine way we connect offline and creating a likable connection that fosters a beneficial relationship between a business’ products or services and a consumer’s daily life.

After all, the first word in the phrase “social media” is just that – social.

With his signature energetic style, highly helpful approach, and spontaneously dorky humor, Lee is a popularly sought-after speaker and has given numerous seminars and talks to businesses and professional groups, both online and offline. Lee has also been featured on podcasts, AM radio talk shows, social media live streams and most recently, TV’s “Check Please! Bay Area” in San Francisco, CA.

What We Do

As a social media strategist, I help businesses generate (or augment) effective and creative social media strategies to help clients grow visibility and engagement, increase their audience followings, and stand out on social media among all the digital noise.  I also help to boost their social media presence by ghost posting on behalf of clients (both B2B and B2C) to help maintain, increase or simply establish a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

I also offer social media ghostwriting services on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for those businesses that feel as if they “can’t keep up” with their social media presence or feel lost or frustrated about what content to post to their social channels.

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