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Clarissa Burt

Ep. 21 – Guest Lisa Curtis of Kuli Kuli, Inc.

Today we have a guest who brought an amazing green superfood to the United States from Niger, West Africa. In nine short years she worked her way up from having one small store in Oakland, California to having her product in over 10,000 stores around the country. Lisa...

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Rianna M. Hill

Ep. 9 – Breakfast with Yvonne Heimann of Ask Yvi

Rianna M. Hill interviews Yvonne Heimann of AskYvi.com for the Breakfast With series. This episode dives into business efficiency, managing multiple businesses and rebuilding after loss. As a business efficiency coach and content creator who runs multiple businesses,...

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Lynn MacDonald

Carol McClelland Fields

Ep. 22 – (Carol’s Nook) Action and Hesitation

In this Carol's Nook episode, Carol explores our culture's obsession with taking action. An unlimited push to be in action can derail us if we don't build in some time for the insights that come from being still. Discover how you can use your own hesitation as a...

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Trent Laubach & Jeff Loftus

Ep. 22 – Hangin’ Loose with a Movie Review

Trent and his two brothers, Colby and Chase, dive into thoughts about the newest Star Wars film: The Rise of Skywalker. They also elaborate on which films to be on the lookout for in 2020.  Connect with Trent & Jeff! Social Media for...

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Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Ep. 73 – Shaista Fatehali

Scott's guest this week is Shaista Fatehali the founder of Thrive Kids (thrivekidsbc.ca) -- a place where children, families, caregivers and teachers can directly engage in the heart mind, and help kids Thrive! Shaista is also a certified children’s life coach and...

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Natolie Warren

Ep. 33 – Goals That Align with Your Soul

It’s this time of year where many are setting goals and intentions for the new year. Do you want to learn how to set goals for 2020 that are connected to who you are and how you want to feel? You can set and achieve goals with ease and be happy and fulfilled while you...

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