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Lynn MacDonald

Ep. 22 – Change of Heart – Part 3

This 5-week question and answer podcast miniseries invites you to look at life from a different perspective, from the inside-out instead of the way we've always been conditioned to look at life, from the outside-in. It's the BEST kept secret and I want to share it...

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Scott Sullivan

Ep. 76 – Guest Geri Gonsalves

Scott talks with Geri Gonsalves, Owner of Geri Gonsalves Fitness, LLC, which operates out of Atlanta, GA, and Jacksonville, FL. Geri and her team of trainers provide both one-on-one and virtual fitness and nutrition support to clients.More About Geri: Geri Gonsalves...

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Natolie Warren

Ep. 37 – Marketing in Business with Keisha Reynolds

Marketing is a big part of your business success. In this episode, Natolie Warren chats with Keisha Reynolds, Digital Marketing Strategist and CEO of K&R Communications, a branding and digital marketing agency for small businesses, churches and nonprofits...

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Carol McClelland Fields

Ep. 23 – Best Ways to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Carol describes why it's difficult to grow your business when you aren't quite clear about the core focus of your work. You may be starting a new business, embarking on a new chapter, or creating a new body of work and you aren't completely clear...

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Rianna M. Hill

Ep. 13 – Breakfast with Tara & Steph of Atomic Revenue

Rianna M. Hill interviews the wonderful owners of Atomic Revenue in this episode of the Breakfast With series. Steph Nissen and Tara Kinney are owners of Atomic Revenue in St. Louis, a revenue operations company serving B2B companies nationwide. They focus on all of...

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Scott Sullivan

Trent Laubach & Jeff Loftus

Ep. 24 – Hangin’ with Nate White

Nate White is a bio-medical student at Liberty University. Tune in to hear his input on the industry, along with what keeps him motivated in the midst of his crazy schedule. Connect with Trent & Jeff! Social Media for Trent:facebooktwitterinstagramlinkedinSocial...

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Clarissa Burt

Ep. 24 – Guest Aly Dunne

Clarissa talks with former model Aly Dunne about both of their fabulous modeling careers and how Aly transitioned from modeling into teaching meditation and living in Crete. Aly Dunne is an Astrologer, Intuitive and Spiritual teacher who was born in Dublin,...

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