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Scott Sullivan

Kamini Wood

Ep. 21- Got ANTs?

Got ANTs? This episode discusses automatic negative thoughts, the distortions that come with them, and how this can affect your self-esteem. Connect with Kamini! Kamini's Website: https://www.kaminiwood.com/ facebooktwitterinstagramlinkedin

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Clarissa Burt

Ep. 44 – Guest Moira Hutchison

Clarissa Burt chats with Moira Hutchison, Author of Letting Go So You Can Thrive and a Transformational Workbook, as well as Founder of wellnesswithmoira.com. They discuss how to keep focus as an entrepreneur during these unprecedented times, as well as ways to relax...

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Carol McClelland Fields

Scott Sullivan

Rianna M. Hill

Ep. 36 – Part 1: Top 10 Tools for Virtual Teams

Enjoy this Shortstack episode as Rianna M. Hill discusses the top 10 tools to work effectively with virtual teams. There is so much information that it had to split up into 2 different episodes! Listen in today for 4 of the top 10 tools for businesses who may be...

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Lynn MacDonald

Ep. 35- Guest Jan Christenson of the Zoom Room

Jan Christenson, author, radio show host, Zoom Room creator, and an incredibly inspiring woman is in the spotlight on this episode! Jan will share with you what happened when she no longer believed she was anxious and depressed. When she realized it was just thought,...

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Natolie Warren

Trent Laubach & Jeff Loftus

Ep. 28 – Hangin’ with Critics

We brought in some expert TV show critics to talk about a show so influential in our generation that it shaped who we are today. Can you guess the show?  Guest Instagram information: Austin Billings: @abillings48 Josh Davis: _josh_davis Connect with Trent &...

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