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Lynn MacDonald

Ep. 25 – Mind Shift from Within

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, which is why we have innate wisdom and innate mental health, peace, love, joy, happiness, compassion and so much more! I was looking and searching for all of that from outside, workshops, books, situations, the "I’ll...

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Kamini Wood

Ep. 3 – Overcoming Self-Doubt

Kamini discusses how self-doubt can hold us back, and ways and tools to move beyond self-doubt so that we can move into a place of empowered living. Connect with Kamini! Kamini's Website: https://www.kaminiwood.com/ Social Media:facebooktwitterinstagramlinkedin

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Scott Sullivan

Ep. 82 – Gwenda Joyce: Art Ambassador

Gwenda Joyce is a sought after artist agent and coach supporting artists to get more gallery shows, build their careers, and to get their art out into the larger world a bigger way. Having worked with artists from all over the world for over 30 years and having owned...

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Natolie Warren

Carol McClelland Fields

Ep. 23 – Best Ways to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Carol describes why it's difficult to grow your business when you aren't quite clear about the core focus of your work. You may be starting a new business, embarking on a new chapter, or creating a new body of work and you aren't completely clear...

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Rianna M. Hill

Ep. 18 – Toppings: Is a Blog Right for Your Business?

What is a blog, why do people blog, and is a blog right for you? Writing a blog is something you have probably considered as a business owner or as an individual with a topic you are an expert in. This episode reviews why people blog, along with some reasons why you...

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Scott Sullivan

Trent Laubach & Jeff Loftus

Ep. 26 – Hangin’ in Quarantine

Hi guys, it’s Trent. Are you bored in quarantine? Yeah, me too. Well now you don’t have to be alone in your boredom. Listen now! Connect with Trent & Jeff! Social Media for Trent:facebooktwitterinstagramlinkedinSocial Media for...

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Clarissa Burt

Ep. 27 – Guest Bernadette Judge

Bernadette Judge discusses the holistic approach of Nupeutics Natural, the company that she has been working since 2018 and the amazing product Inflammation Master by Dr. Jess Brown. With 12 years of experience as an RN, she speaks about wellness and a platform that...

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