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Karen George

KG’s Creatives

Karen grew up in Texas and has lived in Houston for 20 years (by way of Corpus Christi, St. Louis, Kerrville, and San Antonio). Helping professionals have always enticed Karen, as shown by her career choices.

English teacher, weight loss counselor, three positions in mental health direct care, and community outreach & program coordinator for a mental health advocacy & education organization.

Karen became her own boss at age 50+ when she started an event planning company. As she learned about social media to promote the business, she discovered a new interest that combines creativity and research, two of her favorite things! So in 2016, she became a Social Media and Facebook Ads Strategist and Manager. Having been through the experience herself, Karen knows what a challenge it is to overcome obstacles in the working world at the age 50+. 


What We Do

Kg’s Creatives provides social media and Facebooks ads strategy and management. We also provide proofreading services on occasion. We have experience serving clients in the following industries: indie film, pet products. life coaching, medical, pharmaceutical, art, and other small business. 

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