Kamini Wood

Kamini Wood, a mother of 5, is an international best-selling author, certified life coach for teens & adults.

Board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, as founder and CEO of Live Joy Your Way and the AuthenticMe® RiseUp program, she works with high achievers on letting go of stress, overwhelm and anxiety that comes with trying to do everything, and trying to do it all perfectly. Kamini helps remind them their uniqueness is a gift to the world as she guides them on their journey back towards inner confidence, reduced stress and into empowerment so they can be re-energized and become who they are meant to be both in personal and professional settings.

She has trained in conscious parenting and is working on training in conscious uncoupling. Kamini’s goal is to meet a client where they are and support them as they grow, taking them from expectation hostage to resilient self-leader.


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RiseUp – Live Joy Your Way

RiseUp – Live Joy Your Way is a show to remind high achievers that they do not have to live to others’ expectations or
live for external validation, but instead, honor their uniqueness and power comes from within. This show is a place to realign
with empowerment so that you can rediscover your authentic self.

RiseUp – Live Joy Your Way

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Ep. 17 – Stresses in Relationships

Stresses in relationships that are left unmanaged can lead to the end of the relationship. Communication is one of the major ways to combat stresses in relationships, but tune in to hear other ideas. Connect with Kamini! Kamini's Website: https://www.kaminiwood.com/...

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Ep. 16 – Stress

Are you by chance addicted to stress? This episode talks about what stress is, what prolonged stress can do to us - both physically and emotionally - and how to spot if we are addicted to stress. Connect with Kamini! Kamini's Website: https://www.kaminiwood.com/...

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Ep. 15 – Body Image

Body image plagues many people, both adolescents and adults. It is so important to recognize that our bodies are more than just the appearance on the outside. Our bodies are high functioning and are doing incredible things on a daily basis. Instead of focusing on the...

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Ep. 14 – Embrace Who You Are

Should you change who you are to fit others' expectations of you to make it easier for them? This episode discusses why it is so important to fully embrace who we are and understand that there is no selfishness in honoring our uniqueness. Connect with Kamini! Kamini's...

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Ep. 13 – Toxic Relationships

Toxic friendships and relationships. This episode tackles different possible red flags to look for when trying to figure out if the relationship you are in may be unhealthy for you. Connect with Kamini! Kamini's Website: https://www.kaminiwood.com/ Social...

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Ep. 12 – False Identities

False identities are acquired in childhood. We start to relate to ourselves with these false beliefs, and they set up a pattern of how we show up in our lives. It is not until we are aware of them and make a decision to shift them that we can actually start healing...

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Ep. 11 – Inner Critic

The inner critic loves to tell us all that is wrong with us. But what happens when we allow the inner critic too much speaking time? This episode discusses how the inner critic can affect our self esteem and tackles ways to quiet it down. Connect with Kamini! Kamini's...

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Ep. 10 – Multi-Tasking and Burnout

Multi-tasking seems to be a badge of honor or a way to measure success. But is it? In this episode we discuss how multi-tasking can keep you from fully engaging in any of the tasks and can also lead to burnout. Additionally we discuss what burnout is, how to spot it,...

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