Jo Anna Inks

Jo Anna Inks is a sleep consultant that helps tired, frustrated parents get their babies sleeping through the night and napping well so everyone in the family can get the rest they so desperately need. She also helps adults go from exhausted and overwhelmed, to confidently knowing they’ll sleep 7-8 hours every night.

When Jo Anna’s not busy helping people get the rest they need, you can find her hanging out with her husband and two amazing boys (both of whom are excellent sleepers, of course!), cooking or hiking with her dog, Cooper.

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Sleep Solutions is a 25-minute show with sleep consultant Jo Anna Inks who shares sleep tips for parents wanting to teach their children to be great sleepers and adults go from exhausted and overwhelmed, to confidently knowing they’ll sleep 7-8 hours every night.

Sleep Solutions Recent Episodes

Episode 15 – The Benefits of Sleep

Sleep affects every cell in our bodies. It can affect memory, mood and health. Proper sleep is even more important for growing and developing babies.

Episode 14 – How to Tell When Your baby is Tired & Can I Bedshare and Sleep Train?

Many people mistake their babys tired signs for something else. Today, we look at ways you can tell when your babys tired and what to do about it. One of the most frequent questions I get is if you can bedshare with your baby and still sleep train them. The answer might surprise you!

Episode 13 – 3 Ways We Sabotage Our Babies Sleep Plus 4 Tips To Help Baby Sleep Better

This week well look at 3 ways you could be sabotaging your babies sleep plus 4 ways to help your baby sleep better. You might be doing things that you dont even know are preventing your little one from sleeping well.

Episode 12 – Why Your Baby Will Never Sleep Through the Night. And Is Sleep Training Safe?

This week we talk about why your baby will never sleep through the night. It’s not what you think. And I get asked often about the safety of sleep training so I thought Id address it here.

Episode 11 – You Asked, I Answered

This week I answer listeners’ questions about their babies’ sleep. Tune in to learn how to resolve some of the toughest sleep problems.

Episode 10 – Why Does My Baby Wake at 3 am?

This week we dive deep into nighttime wake-ups so that we can understand WHY a baby wakes all night long. We’ll learn how to stop nighttime wake-ups once and for all.

Episode 9 – How Sleep Training Affected My Family

My journey to becoming a sleep consultant comes from a very personal place. This week, I’ll talk about how sleep training my first son changed my family’s life and made me a better mom.

Episode 8 – Attachment Parenting & Sleep Training

There are so many ways to raise our children.  I don’t believe one way is the “right” way. I’m often asked the question about attachment parenting and sleep training.  Is it possible to do both? Have a listen and find out.

Episode 7 – 3 Myths About Sleep Training & 3 Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Sleep Consultant

Mention the word sleep training to any new parent and you get a variety of opinions on the subject. In this episode, we’re going to clear up some misconceptions about sleep training. What is sleep training and who can it help? How can I be sure the consultant I’m hiring is a good one?

Episode 6 – 8 Tips for Easing Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in babies usually shows itself between months 6-8. It can be a challenging time for parents and also one full of questions. Use these 8 tips for helping ease this time for both baby and you.

Episode 5 – How is Lack of Sleep Affecting You?

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Poor sleep can affect many areas of your life and have a negative impact on your health. Everything from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mental health are affected by sleep.

Episode 4 – What is Sleep Regression in Babies?

If you’re a parent of a new baby then most likely you’ve heard of the dreaded 4-month sleep regression. What is it? And, what can you do to prevent it? Tune in with Jo Anna Inks and find out.

Episode 3 – Back to School Tips Every Parent Should Know

Jo Anna Inks chats with Sleep Expert Christine Stevens who shares her best back to school tips every parent should know.

Episode 2 – 5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Jo Anna Inks shares her 5 best tips for helping you sleep through the night.

Episode 1 – 7 Sleep Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep through the Night

Joanna Inks shares 7 sleep tips that help babies (and their parents) sleep through the night.