Jeanine Lett

The Business Ref

Jeanine is a small business consultant (just call her Yoda, young Jedi) with an intense passion for customer service.

Her years of business management experience will help you lay a solid business foundation to build upon.

With her ingenuity, passion for business and customer-centric focused approach to consulting, Jeanine can help you slay the entrepreneurial game.

What We Do

The Business Ref, was born out of a desire to help small businesses succeed in America. With years of experience helping at local farmers’ markets, Jeanine saw how many entrepreneurs have a great vision but lack the foundation of business know-how to truly thrive. Using her remarkable customer service skills she has helped several of her clients cross the elusive 7-figure revenue marker.

her wholesale intensive course walks product-based companies through their retail pitch and beyond. After all, business is all about relationships and that includes vendors, your peers, and your consumers.

April of 2019 will see the launch of her Women’s Business Empowerment Seminar Series which is traveling across America, inspiring women to pursue their purpose as entrepreneurs while laying the framework for the continued support from within their own community.

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