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In this episode of Mind Your Own Business, Scott interviews Conrad Saam, the CEO & Founder of Mockingbird Marketing.

Scott and Conrad talk about how the digital world has changed with the Covid Pandemic, and how we need to think hyper local and be a resource more than “spam and sell”.

If you want to go way beyond SEO, then you need to tune in to this episode!

Tell us a little about you and your business.

Mockingbird is a full-service marketing agency focused solely on the legal industry. We combine our high-level expertise with personalized and responsive service that’s impossible to find anywhere else. Using data-driven solutions, we create, measure and refine all aspects of digital marketing for law firms of any size, any practice area, any location.


During the COVID-19 Crisis, Mockingbird became Cockroach to focus exclusively on helping our law firm clientele survive this dark period.  Whether you’re a solo attorney just getting started, or part of a multi-state law firm marketing team, we can help. Our first step in helping struggling law firms is making our Echo WordPress website and associated hosting, maintenance, backups and updates entirely free through 2020.


As a Premier Google Partner, our agency is held to higher standards when it comes to digital advertising. With access to training and resources from Google, our team explores cutting edge strategies while relying on tried and true to deliver results

Connect with Conrad and Mockingbird:

Website:  Mockingbird.Marketing

Social Media:



Conrad Saam
Mockingbird Marketing