In this episode, Carole chats with her guest, author and coach, Leanne Babcock about Following Your Inner Nudge

We all have inner nudges, or intuition, according to Leanne. In addition to sharing how her inner nudge has her living life on the growing edge, Leanne also describes various ways we can access our own inner wisdom, prepare ourselves for client sessions, and guide our clients to awaken their own connection with their inner nudge.

Leanne’s website:

Leanne Babcock is an expert in intuition development is a coach, speaker, intuitive and an author. Through her one-on-one coaching and courses… her work heals hearts, transforms the mind and sets the spirit free enabling people to naturally take actions to fulfill what is truly in their heart.

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Leanne’s first book: Open Me – the true story of a magical journey from fear to freedom

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Watch for Leanne’s second book, a self-coaching guide: Real & Wild You: Your daring and magical inner journey