Nancy Leeds Gribble grew up in Florida where she loved the sunshine, water, and the outdoors. Nancy moved to The Woodlands, TX (close to Houston) 3 ½ years ago, “sight unseen!” to be closer to her sister. Her sisters in Boston wanted her to move there, but cold weather wasn’t in Nancy’s plans!

Nancy worked in real estate for many years. She started in property management which segued eventually into becoming a successful realtor. In 2008 she “rode the wave” during the stock market and real estate crash, but basically, lost her career due to the economy. The ultimate life shift happened that year when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away in 2009.

When her husband became ill, Nancy realized, “There’s nothing more important than your health!” She said, “I took a deep dive into learning everything I could about the healing power of food; why we need whole foods; and of course, I learned about the damage (caused) by processed foods.” At that point, she had lost everything: her husband and her career. She went bankrupt “emotionally, physically, and mentally.”

Eventually, Nancy returned to real estate but didn’t feel the fulfillment she had before. Her “heart was no longer there.” She needed to find her path not only for herself, but to be the best parent to her young son. While reading the book, Hero, one day, Nancy came across a passage which basically said, “If you’re not sure what to do, gravitate towards what you love.”


Listen to more of Nancy’s story as she shares how she became certified in several different areas related to health, fitness, and weight loss. Nancy offers a variety of programming through her website including personalized coaching.


Nancy Leeds Gribble, Certified Health, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Coach; Online Personal Trainer