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In this episode of Mind Your Own Business, Scott chats with Kieran Revell, Founder and Owner of Kieran Revell International.

As a leadership/communication/customer service consultant/ speaker/mentor/coach, Kieran assists business leaders and individuals in uncovering the innate skills required to re-establish workplace harmony, rebuild self-confidence and reaffirm the value of meaningful interaction.

A bit from Kieran:

I have authored two books: ‘The Unstoppable Power Within’ and ‘Release Your Unstoppable Power’, published by Sound Wisdom of Pennsylvania. The books have become principle tools in my arsenal to further support my ability to assist people in their drive to overcome obstacles in their personal and private lives and build more positively for the future. The books are supported through powerful testimonials, by the world’s leading speakers and coaches.

Connect with Kieran: 

Social media:

@The Unstoppable Power Within
@Release Your Unstoppable Power

Twitter:   @kieran_revell
Instagram: @kieran_revell
LinkedIn:  Kieran Revell