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In this episode of Mind Your Own Business, Scott interviews Naomi Tickle, a leading Personologist and Face Reading Expert


Naomi Tickle is an International speaker, career consultant and author of What Makes People Tick and Why. She was first introduced to Personology (face reading)  22 years ago.  Amazed by the accuracy, she could immediately see how this approach could help individuals better understand themselves and the people they meet with.

More About Naomi and Personology: 

Naomi has developed a career program that matches an individual’s innate abilities that can be seen in the face with career suggetions. The results are often more useful than the traditional tests. This is a great tool for understanding your friends, family, clients, and fellow co-workers. This information can also be applied to sales, communications, team building, personal development and more. Career assessments can be made from photos or in person.

Naomi has appeared on CNN, Fox News, NBC, BBC, Good Morning America and numerous television radio interviews around the world. Her clients include Norwich University, The Commonwealth Club, IBM marketing division, Morgan Stanley, AT&T, National Semiconductor, College Administration, Orthodontist, Kinesiology, FAMA conferences plus many more.

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Twitter:       @naomitickle