Karen’s guest this week on Silver Linings is Cindy Hide, Family Law Attorney, Founder: Love, Money and the Law

More about Cindy and her Silver Lining path: 

Attorney Cindy Hide says going to law school was something “I always wanted to do. It was either become a professional ballet dancer or go to law school!” In high school, Cindy needed to make a decision about her path of study. Her mother said “If you want to be a ballet dancer then you go right ahead. Just know you’re pretty much done when you’re about 25. If you’d like to go to law school we’ll be very supportive of that endeavor.”

A few years after she graduated from law school and started her own practice, Cindy met her husband-to-be, had two children and moved to Ohio, and had the “greatest life ever for 10 years.” She later divorced which took 7 years for the entire procedure. When her daughter almost finished college, Cindy decided to start over at the age of 49. She put her house up for sale, packed “the bare essentials” in a U-Haul and moved back to Texas, where her heart is. Starting over was a “lesson in true grit” for Cindy. She had been out of the legal field for 20 years. It was rough the first few years as she hustled to build her practice from the ground up.

When Cindy was still living in Ohio, she started her passion project “Love, Money and the Law”. Because of her experience with a lengthy divorce and learning so much from her law practice, she wanted to help others get through the system, provide an educational experience, save money, and provide an emotional support system. She held multidisciplinary conferences about the divorce process which she continues to offer today.

As her family law practice in Houston developed, she spent less and less time on Love, Money and the Law but had continued writing content all through the years. At the beginning of 2019, Cindy made the decision to focus on prenuptial and cohabitation agreements and the bulk of her time she would devote to Love, Money and the Law. “So many exciting things happen when you make that shift. I mean in your whole being, not just mentally making a decision, but completely stepping into the space that this is who I am and what I’m doing now.”

Through Love, Money and the Law, Cindy now focuses on helping couples create healthy relationships and offers insights into aspects of the legal system. The Love, Money and the Law website will be online in April with lots of complementary information. Cindy will also offer monthly seminars, webinars, ebooks, and a podcast with guest experts in a variety of fields.


Cindy Hide, Family Law Attorney, Founder: Love, Money and the Law

Websites: https://www.LoveMoneyLaw.com; and https://www.HoustonPrenupAttorney.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveMoneyandtheLaw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovemoneyandthelaw
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindyhide/