In this episode of The Mindset Man, Todd talks about The Subconscious and Mindset with his guests Craig and Jenny D.

Craig and Jenny D. are International Wellness Experts who hold retreats all around the world as wells as other events and workshops.

They are also fellow mindset coaches specializing in physical, nutritional and emotional empowerment. They bring their unique and enlightening view of the power of your subconscious and the importance of mindset to our show. Don’t miss this interview with this powerhouse of a team!

Craig and Jenny D provide practical and purposeful strategies designed for you to achieve the ideal version of yourself. Many talk about balance in their lives, but they know first-hand that you must seek to understand the secrets to re-building your foundations before you can balance them. They will teach you their secrets to movement, nutrition and mindset.  Find out more from their website.
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