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In this episode of Mind Your Own Business, Susannah Pitman, acupuncturist and author of “Peace With Trees”, tells her story of how she learned to live peacefully with PTSD while discovering a new purpose.

More about Susannah:

Susannah founded Balance Acupuncture Center in 2007 after graduating from acupuncture school, taking out a high-interest line of credit to get started. After 8 months, and a $10,000 trip to Japan to study with various acupuncture masters, her debt was paid and her business has been profitable ever since. She practices Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture, a Japanese system based on the Chinese classics that tends to be gentler on the patient yet incredibly effective.

Susannah has also written a memoirPeace with Trees, about her journey through PTSD, which she developed in 1997 after witnessing a tree fall on her father during a fast moving storm. After living with flashbacks and anxiety for years, she’s been mostly symptom free since 2011. She doesn’t consider herself cured, but rather equipped with the tools that help her through symptoms should they arise. Her book was a #1 new release on Amazon and has sparked numerous speaking engagements as well as an online social media platform called Peace with PTSD.

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Facebook:  @SusannahPitmanAuthor   and  @BalanceAcupunctureCenter

Twitter: @SusannahPitman

LinkedIn:  Susannah Pitman, MS, LAc

Instagram:  @PeaceWithPTSD   and  @BalanceAcupunctureCenter