Wendy Lee said, “I kind of equate my life to a Jerry Springer episode. In a nutshell, there was a lot of trauma and dysfunction in my family”. Wendy seemed to go from one tragic situation to another and didn’t have a chance to process or heal. She compensated for not having a good sense of self by being an overachiever in the corporate world. In her personal life, however, Wendy found herself in one dysfunctional relationship after another. She finally decided she didn’t want to live that way and started on a path of self-development. Wendy began connecting with life coaches and attended her first transformational retreat.

Wendy’s personal transformation continued to develop until it became a part of her daily life. Soon she “just completely 1,000% knew that (her own business) was going to be the next step”. She created LeadHERship Revolution, a program where she teaches women professionals a new way of leading by “getting out of their heads and into their hearts”.

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Wendy Lee, Transformational Coach & Influential Speaker, LeadHERship Revolution

From her website:  Wendy founded LeadHERship Revolution™ in 2018 to spread the message that you no longer need to check your heart at the door to be a strong leader, and that healing and transformation DO have a place in the workplace. She teaches her Contagious Influence approach to women leaders of all ages around the globe who want to Lead Differently.  Read more at LeadHERshipRevolution.com.

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