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In this episode of Mind Your Own Business, Scott chats with Brian Ramos, Founder/Owner of Rama’s Rooted Tree.

Rama’s Rooted Tree is an alternative and holistic health service for a multidimensional human offering a range of services to heal mind and body and expand consciousness.



More About Brian Ramos: 

Dr. Brian P. Ramos, affectionately known as Ram by his closest students, earned his bachelor’s degree in clinical microbiology from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez in 1999 before obtaining his Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Yale University in 2005. Dr. Ramos is the author of numerous publications in the area of neuroscience and molecular psychiatry with a special interest in stress-related disorders, cognitive enhancement, aging, and behavior.

He is a Dharma Mittra Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga certified instructor and certified to teach yoga for children and adolescents with or without neurodevelopmental issues. His approach to yoga is integral and conducive to higher states of consciousness; deep, conscious relaxation; radiant health and vitality; and powerful genetic transformations.

In 2018, he founded Rama’s Rooted Tree Healing Center to bring true healing and transformational growth into higher dimensions of consciousness through his unique and conscious DNA Reprogramming Blueprint that is part of his stress reduction, healing, and self-realization programs.

Find out more on his website:

Would you like to connect with Brian and Ramas Rooted Tree?  He’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.