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In this episode of Mind Your Own Business, Scott interviews Ken Blackman, Owner of Ken Blackman Coaching about sex and relationships.

Ken Blackman is a former Apple software engineer turned full-time relationship coach who’s worked with hundreds of couples from San Francisco to Paris to Sydney, and trained thousands of students in his workshops on intimacy and connection. His work has garnered mentions everywhere from Cosmopolitan to Business Insider to Playboy. With nearly two decades of experience, Ken’s powerful, unapologetic break from conventional relationship advice is shifting the global conversation around love and committed coupledom.

More about Ken’s Relationship Coaching:

Many couples today know they don’t fit the old Ward and June Cleaver relationship model where he’s the Provider and Protector and she’s the Nurturing Homemaker. Powerful, capable, self-assured women worry that their greatest superpowers are somehow a detriment when it comes to intimate relating, and the men who love them are finding they have to throw out most of what they were taught about how to be a great boyfriend or husband.

Ken helps these couples co-create a bespoke relationship that invites forth her unapologetic power, her capacity for enjoyment and pleasure, his unshakable healthy confidence, his accurate spidey-sense intuition, and their unique connection.

He helps them build a gourmet love life and joyous, fulfilling life partnership.

Ways to connect with Ken:  

Ken is a contributor to   He has a personal Facebook page, and also a Facebook group.  If Twitter’s your thing, he’s there, too!