There’s no escaping the fact that we have entered into a time of tremendous change. As Change Catalysts we are feeling the effects in our own lives while also seeing we have a role to play with our clients and our communities.

In this episode, Carol describes four elements that need to be in place for us to feel clear enough and strong enough to do the work we are here to do at this time.

Carol’s Nook Resources:

  • Element 1: Personal Well-Being – 50 Deep Self-Care Activities for Uncertain Times

  • Element 2: Training – Interested in gaining more insights about how to talk about these times and how to support clients during this free fall and the uncertainty that we’re living in right now? Let me know if you’d like to receive updates about upcoming training courses.

  • Element 3: CommunityChange Catalyst Network

  • Element 4: Work and Business Trying to figure out how to reinvent your work and business? Let’s set up a session to Clarify Your Growing Edge.

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