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This 5-week question and answer mini-series podcast invites you into an opportunity to look at life from a different lens of perception, from the inside-out vs. what’s been conditioned in us, living from the outside-in.

Frankly, it’s the BEST kept secret! I want to share this with you, because, honestly, no one told us this. This is life changing and life altering information!

The inside-out lifestyle puts you into the driver’s seat of taking ownership of your life, being a leader in your life, creating the life you want to live vs the one you would live off default mode if nothing changes.


Tune into a Change of Heart with an open mind, listen from the heart and listen for new insights.

Question #5:
If only I could make sense and process my horrific past, I would be able to let it go. Why can’t I let the past go? I’ve been trying to the last 30 years.

I’m all ears! Reach out and share your experience with me!

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