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This 5-week question and answer podcast miniseries invites you to look at life from a different perspective, from the inside-out instead of the way we’ve always been conditioned to look at life, from the outside-in. It’s the BEST kept secret and I want to share it with you because honestly, no one told us about this. This is life changing and life altering information!

The inside-out lifestyle puts you in the driver’s seat, lets you take ownership of your life, be a leader in your life and create the life you want to live versus the one you would continue living in default mode if nothing changed.


Tune in to a Change of Heart – Part 3 – with an open mind and an open heart and listen for new insights.

Question #3: What can I do about a friend or family member who is constantly critical, judgmental, and always has to be right? They seem to complain about anything and everything.

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