Pegi Burdick, known as “The Financial Whisperer,” founded Home Loans for Women, a mortgage company specializing in helping women in bankruptcy reclaim their homes.  She has also authored “A Mother’s Guide to Teaching Her Children about Money”. On this episode, Jamin and Pegi will discuss female empowerment, investing, and making wise money decisions.

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A snippet about Pegi from her website

Pegi Burdick has made a very successful career out of understanding individuals and small business owners. She has built several million-dollar businesses including a restaurant in New York City, a construction company in Los Angeles, and a mortgage brokerage company in Los Angeles.


She also has the distinction of having had 22 jobs and four businesses since she was 16 years old. ​


In 2007, Pegi experienced her own personal financial crisis that led her to discover how a person’s feelings about themselves can impact their financial choices.


Out of her journey, The Financial Whisperer® Coaching Series was born.

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