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Join Lynn MacDonald and Denise Joy Scoppetta for Growing a New You – a 30-day journey being offered worldwide. Gain a new level of growth with clarity and expansion. Transform from the inside-out and feel greater joy, peace, happiness, love, and gratitude.

Here’s what to expect when you join Lynn and Denise in Growing a New You:

  • Denise will provide spiritual guidance by shining a light on your next area of growth.
  • Lynn will partner with you to create and support the next steps of your growth with coaching from the inside out.
  • Denise will continue to partner with you and support you on your journey with a personalized meditation/self-hypnosis audio.

This worldwide transformational journey will take place via Zoom.

Our doors and hearts are open, and we are excited to help you grow to places you never thought possible!

Please connect with either Lynn or Denise to learn more.


Here’s how to connect with Denise:

Denise Joy Scoppetta
Phone (via text): 860-284-9730


Connect with Lynn! 

Lynn’s Website:

Mission Possible You!

Social Media: