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Carol describes five ways you may feel blocked as you take your work in a new direction. If you are hesitating to move forward with your new work, listen to this Carol’s Nook episode to gain insights about the factors that may be hindering your progress. When you know the cause of your hesitation, you can take action to resolve it and move forward with your new work.

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Carol McClellandCarol McClelland Fields, PhD, an award-winning author and Board Certified Coach, has been fascinated by how our culture navigates personal, professional, and large-scale transitions since the start of her career. As a dedicated Change Catalyst herself, Carol’s work has always centered around three themes: helping people gain clarity about the work they are called to do, guiding people through difficult times of transition using her Seasons of Change model, and training other Change Catalysts how to integrate the programs she’s created into their work with clients. She now uses her expertise to help other Change Catalysts flourish personally, professionally, and financially.
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