Karen welcomes her second international guest but FIRST guest from across the Atlantic Ocean! Andi Nagel lives in the Canary Islands, which are part of Spain but are actually off the coast of Morocco. Andi coaches women who are going through major life changes to “discover their full power and strength”. Her company is Marvellous Woman.

Andi’s life is a story of tenacity and resilience. She was born in Salzburg, Austria. For part of her childhood, Andi lived in children’s homes. Her parents died when she was 19, so she had to “take life into my hands, alone.” She said, “I didn’t have a penny in my pocket.” She’s achieved many things in her life and sees it as “a big adventure.” Andi knew she had to make a living so she started modeling. She then studied graphic design and was always interested in healing professions.

At the age of 25, Andi’s daughter was born. Later, she got married. She and her husband owned and operated a four-star hotel in Costa Rica, which she designed incorporating feng-shui. Her marriage lasted 13 years, then she divorced and moved to the Canary Islands. Andi runs a little bed and breakfast with three suites, Casa el Sirocco, but is selling it because she wants to travel the world. Recently, through her business Marvellous Woman, she began offering life coaching services to women online, so she can really work anywhere! She serves clients from all over the world including the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Andi is starting a new endeavor. She is segueing into “Wedding Coaching” where she will work with couples to prepare them for a long-lasting marriage. Often, people are so in love and rush to get married. They have “their pink sunglasses on.” Her goal is to coach couples so “their love will go deeper and deeper” over the years.

Years ago, Andi started coaching women because of experiences she had been through in her own life. Many forgot themselves and put their families first. She helps women find ways to empower themselves to get their needs met. “We forget that we are here on Earth to take every chance we can to enjoy life. Enjoy your life every second, every moment.”

Her advice to people over 50 starting a business: “Don’t think so much! Don’t think so much because your thoughts can destroy everything. Think about maybe your numbers and everything but also the second part, the really main advice I can give that I live: Do what you love to do and do it with passion! Think about what you can give to people. What great gift you can give to other people to make them happy because then you are happy. That’s it. This is my biggest advice.”

Andi Nagel, Online Life Coach for Women
– Marvellous Woman/Coach for Engaged Couples/Wedding Planner

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/andreazsuzsanagel/