Scott Sullivan lives in Northern California but was born and raised in the Midwest. His interest in radio began when he was in college. Scott presently hosts two shows on Inspired News Radio: Mind Your Own Business and Sales with Sully. He never dreamed internet radio could be this much fun!

Scott has a 30-year history working in sales. After the age of 50, he “hung out his shingle” and is now assisting “small to medium-size companies improve their bottom line and their top line by organically helping them grow their sales through tactical marketing and sales training and coaching.” His mantra: “We’ll do it for you; we’ll do it with you; we’ll teach you to do it; OR we’ll watch you do it and train you as you go.” Basically, Scott’s company offers several different levels of sales and marketing services at different price points.

As the conversation continued, Scott touched on sales as being a combination of art and science. The art or skill is interacting with prospects without overselling. The science is tracking the numbers and knowing when to approach prospective customers. Both are necessary for success.

Scott believes personality influences one’s success in sales. He said, “I think you can teach anyone the mechanics of selling”, but not everyone will be successful. He used the analogy of Michael Jordan and basketball. “If you took Michael Jordan, a person who already has a natural ability in athleticism and gave him training, he’s always going to be a better basketball player than I am, who has no natural ability.”

Touching on the psychology of sales, Scott said he can teach people how to sell, but can’t help them overcome the fear of selling. He read a psychology book on selling in which the author wrote that we’re only actually afraid of two things instinctively: fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. As we grow, internal and external influences can cause us to develop a fear of something (in this case, selling). “We start off with a clean slate and don’t know we should be afraid of sales until we learn it from our environment.”

Next, Scott told the story of how Inspired News Radio was created. He believes “people are put in our path for a reason, and if we can take advantage of that, it’s to our betterment.” This is what happened with Inspired News Radio. Scott was sitting in the Las Vegas airport waiting on a colleague to arrive when he literally bumped into a couple. As they began talking, he learned they owned five internet radio stations and were interested in selling one. After much discussion, Scott and his wife, Susan, bought the station.

The Inspired News Radio Mission Statement is, “Positive Programs Delivered to the World that is Designed to Inspire, Inform, Educate, and Motivate!” Scott and Susan re-branded, built a new website, and started attracting show hosts and a new audience. INR is a 24/7 streaming platform, and the shows are archived so listeners can access them later.

Lastly, Scott touched on challenges faced by older entrepreneurs. As with anything else, there are pros and cons depending on one’s situation in life.


Scott Sullivan, Entrepreneur, Radio Show Host, Sales Consultant; Sales with Sully

INR Shows: Mind Your Own Business, Sales with Sully 

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