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In this episode, Scott talks to Sara Velloso, a woman who, at the age of 40, decided to run in all 6 of the major marathons in the world – Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York and Tokyo.

Not only doing what few people have done, espicially over the age of 40, but also awakening something in her that propelled her to be the change catalyst that so many people needed.

She wrote the book “6 Races” in her native language of Portuguese and set about changing the business world. 6 Races draws the comparison between being prepared for business and preparing to run 6 major marathons.

If you have ever been “stuck” on your path to success, this highly motivational episode is for you. Listen close because English is just one of the many languages that Sara speaks, and her accent draws you in and makes you pay closer attention! 6 Races is a must read for all business people around the world!