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In Part 2 of their conversation, Carol and her guest, Bobbye Middendorf, share their insights and experiences of evolving their new work as trailblazers, evolutionaries, and visionaries in their fields.

While sharing stories from their personal journeys, they also provide insights about why and how the Trailblazer’s journey is different from what other entrepreneurs experience.  Everything from the challenges of finding the words to describe what you do to figuring out how to market your work when those who need your work might not know your field exists. They also demonstrate how having a community of resonant trailblazing colleagues makes all the difference in your journey.



 Bobbye Middendorf’s Resources

By holding a sanctuary space of co-creative wholesomeness, Bobbye guides sensitive, radiant evolutionary healer-creators to their next highest expression by transmuting their inner disharmony. They reconnect with and embody their inner grounded, centered self to release the full potential of their expression into the world via messages, books, multi-media creative projects, and practices.