Glo Ochoa and her parents moved a lot when she was young as her father was in the military. Because of the brief time living in different locations, Glo found it a challenge to build lasting friendships so she read a great deal and started her life-long quest of learning about a variety of topics.

In high school, Glo was interested in becoming an artist and writer, but a teacher discouraged her from following that path. So after high school, Glo worked in accounts payable and accounts receivable and thought she wanted to become an accountant.

On her 35th birthday, Glo had an epiphany and decided she would go to college since she couldn’t move further up the corporate ladder without a degree. As she put it, “I was training everyone else to move up the ladder!” Glo earned two degrees: Business Management and Information Technology which opened a lot of doors for her. She quickly progressed from tech support to software configuration to IT management. In addition, she was a tech writer and trainer.

Paradoxically, Glo found she was doing her job so well, she would be laid off! After she created all the IT procedures for a company, another person would be hired at a lower salary to take her place. The last time Glow as laid off, she ended up then partnering with a mergers and acquisitions startup to be VP of IT and Marketing. Again, she did such a good job that the owner sold the company to a bigger company!

For an eight-year period during her career journey, Glo taught a “Social Media 101” curriculum to older adults which she developed. She describes how it excited her when older adults would learn new skills!

Three years ago Glo started her new company, Social Media Wrangler. She intended at that time to focus solely on social media. However, because she has so much information stored in her head about numerous topics related to IT, social media, graphic arts, etc., which she is eager to share, she started rebranding to Glo 411.

Through Glo 411–Your Digital Social Media Wrangler, Glo offers SEO, Facebook group, and social media account audits. Glo put it this way, “You can’t just work out your arms and expect everything else to get in shape, too!”

After she recorded the intro and outro for Silver Linings, Glo decided to add voice over services to her list and has already landed more voice over projects! She also offers web design, redesign, and updating, logo design, ebook formatting, and cover design, mini videos, and more.

“I have quite a variety of services!” Listen as Glo and Karen discuss the experience of older adults starting a business. So far, no one has said they don’t want to work with her because of her age. Often, it has been more a case of her own mindset that has gotten in her way. “Oh, I’m too old to do that,” she has told herself in the past. Glo closes with sage advice for older adults wanting to start a business.


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