Feeling called to evolve your work with clients? After meeting in several online business classes, Carol and her guest, Bobbye Middendorf, realized that the traditional “Build your Business” approach was not working well for either of them. They had no interest in building an existing business; they were each actively evolving a new work. In their quest to succeed they began meeting regularly to share their journey and support each other in stepping into new clarity and confidence.

Looking back, they realized how powerful and instrumental this trailblazing journey was in bringing their new work to life. During this episode they share their individual journeys, and the practices and processes they co-created to tap into the wisdom of their ideas, their work, and themselves.

Bobbye Middendorf’s Resources

By holding a sanctuary space of co-creative wholesomeness, Bobbye guides sensitive, radiant evolutionary healer-creators to their next highest expression by transmuting their inner disharmony. They reconnect with and embody their inner grounded, centered self to release the full potential of their expression into the world via messages, books, multi-media creative projects, and practices.