When Karen Anne Jacks was four years old, her mother was pregnant with her fifth child. Karen Anne’s father had left. And so, to get back on her feet, her mother made the very tough decision to place Karen Anne and her siblings in an orphanage for a few years. Karen Anne remembers the experience as “very intense and regimented”.  As she grew up, Karen Anne lived with different families and attended numerous schools. What she learned is that “I can step into anything. I can make anything work.”

After high school, it was suggested that Karen Anne attend beauty school, which she did, and “I loved it! I was like a duck to water!” Karen Anne realized she was in charge of her career and could be as successful as she wanted. She became a Board Certified Hair Colorist and Hairdresser, and at the age of 27, Karen Anne opened a salon and learned as she grew her business.

Karen Anne closed her salon after 15 years but continued with her own “personal, private clientele” at her home. Over the years her clients would ask for recommendations for box hair color, so they could use it at home. Karen Anne knew of none, but this sparked the idea for her new business, and Della Ricca Hair Color was born. After several years of research, Karen Anne found a manufacturer in Italy who negotiated with her to create tiny tubes of hair color for home use.

At first, Karen Anne thought she’d lose her clients, and hairdressers would lose business because clients would be coloring their hair at home. Then a hair color company came out with a similar product. Karen Anne thought she’d have to give up her dream. She said to herself, “It’s already being done, but then I thought as I’m walking down the grocery aisle, ‘how many toothpaste tubes do you see?’ and I’m like ‘You know what? I CAN DO THIS!‘”

Karen Anne found that clients wanted to continue going to her to have their hair colored but would refer potential customers who wanted to color their hair at home. This was an “A-HA” moment in that she realized hairdressers are missing out on a lot of potential business!

Listen to find out how to order the product from Karen Anne and her plans for a new business model to collaborate with salons across the country. She also touches on how people sometimes react to one’s age when starting something new, but also how age and the resulting confidence and experience can really be used to one’s advantage. Karen Anne also offers words of wisdom to those starting new businesses.


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Watch Karen Anne color her own hair! https://youtu.be/bL2bf5s_wOs