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In this first episode of Hangin’ Loose, you’ll hear the backstory of two energetic, smart, and quirky hosts, Trent and Jeff, and learn the purpose and goal of this entertaining show with a powerful message. Be prepared to laugh!


‘Hangin’ Loose’ is a glimpse into the lives of two energetic, smart and quirky college students attending Liberty University in Virginia. Their show will inspire, inform, motivate and entertain listeners with real world stories of college life. Fellow students, recent graduates and seasoned professionals join Trent & Jeff on this weekly show to challenge those hoping to make a difference in their community.

Hangin’ Loose gives insight into how the Generation Z withstands the highs and lows of this crucial transition period and a look into this exciting chapter of young adulthood.

Who are Trent and Jeff?  

Trent Laubach aka the “hype man” is currently pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. In his free time, he is an action sports guy that loves the smell of adventure with snowboarding, wakeboarding, dirt biking, and hanging out with friends.

Growing up with three brothers instilled a fierce competitive nature that has only grown stronger with time. Not only does Trent enjoy watching a good move, but he also likes making videos with his brothers and friends. They started an adventure channel called “Soggy Tortilla Productions” and his personal VLOG is “TLauby’s Hobbies”.

Trent is on Facebook, Twitter  (@LaubachTrent) and LinkedIn.  


Jeffrey Loftus grew up in The Black Hills of South Dakota where he found his passion for the outdoors – climbing, mountain biking, slack-lining, triathlons, hiking, camping – pretty much anything that ends in “ing” and has to do with the outdoors (except for stalking).  He was homeschooled so if you go to ‘dap him up’, be forewarned that he only learned how to do so last year.

Jeff is studying Civil Engineering and minoring in Chinese, Cinematic Arts, and Studio Art at Liberty University.  Jeff loves woodworking, playing his ukulele, renovating homes, and hanging out with his dogs, Moose and Luka. He has circumnavigated the globe and loves meeting new people and going on new adventures – all the while remembering to hang loose and have a good time.

Jeff is also on Facebook, Twitter (@jjrloftus) and LinkedIn.