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Diane Fleck

Off The Charts

An intuitive astrologer, business consultant, and personal advisor, Diane Fleck helps businesses grow using a whole-life approach that includes purpose, passion, and spirit. For over 20  years, Diane has brought tremendous value to her clients, consisting of CEOs, small business owners, consultants, coaches, and healers of all types.

Her expertise in proven marketing and sales strategies, business/life cycles, and future trends as well as her intuitive abilities, gives her a well-rounded, practical approach to life and the professional world.

Diane began her career in business through working in the media industry. Her roles built her expertise in management, advertising, sales, and marketing. Later, she focused on her entrepreneurship and expanded into creating her own consulting and corporate training company.

Throughout her career, Diane continued to work on her astrology business. She believes that understanding one’s soul purpose, soul contract, and agreements gives invaluable insight into living a meaningful life. This foundation propelled her to create The Learning Cafe, a brick and mortar company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business grow.

What We Do

Whether you are a business owner or just asking yourself “Is this all there is?” the answer is the same. It all starts within you. As a guide, mentor, and consultant, I help people see their path with “new eyes” and purpose to achieve success, joy, and a purposeful life however they envision it to be.

By better understanding yourself, you become stronger in recognizing your strengths, abilities, and pitfalls that hamper your ability to move forward. By learning to see past habit patterns and judgments, you work from a place of authenticity, meaning, and purpose. By using astrology, you gain insight into energy, information, and timing.

I offer three core programs to my clients:

1. I do 1-on-1 private mentorship programs designed uniquely for what you wish to accomplish. Our group membership programs are filled with experiential learning and shared group insights. They are both online and offline.

2. I run a business group program that includes addressing each person’s specific timing and information from discovering your personal and business success cycles to establishing your unique strategic business plan. You’ll identify who to market to and when. You’ll uncover your secret sauce and, more important,  you will develop a unique plan that fits you, not a cookie cutter blueprint.

3. I facilitate the soul session mentor group which focuses on the questions – why are you here? What’s your purpose? Why are certain people in your life and how to disengage from them? This group can go deep into what stops you from moving forward and allow you to learn specific skills to walk through and heal those old wounds.

I also offer astrology readings by phone or via Zoom. These readings are designed to answer specific questions or situations. For more information please visit my website:

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