Desarie Anderson

Desarie Anderson is originally from London, England. She always jokes that she has had the distinct pleasure of using both the left and right side of her brain. She owned and operated a hair salon for over 19 years and now she owns a small Tax and Accounting practice.  Desarie graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Accounting. She is a Georgia CPA, and an IRS Enrolled Agent. She is also a certified QuickBooks online Pro advisor and an online course creator.

In addition to providing small businesses and independent contractors with bookkeeping and accounting services, she is passionate about helping hair salon start-ups, and small businesses properly plan their business set up and their ongoing activities, so that they avoid potential financial and IRS pitfalls. She believes that it is easier to do things right in the beginning than to try and correct issues that could have been avoided with a little early planning and sound advice.  Desarie lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, David.

Profit & Beauty

Profit & Beauty is a 25-minute radio show for salon owners who want to or who have decided to begin running their salons like a business rather than a hustle. The focus of the show is to help salon owners understand the numbers behind their business and why it is important to understand how their business is performing at all times so they can grow and scale their business and make extraordinary profits.  Without this knowledge, it is hard, if not impossible, for a salon to reach its true potential.  If you are a hair stylist or salon owner interested in running your salon like a business, then this show is for you.

Profit & Beauty Recent Episodes

Episode 16 – Business Financial Literacy and What You Need to Know to Maintain a Profitable Business

Every business decision you make in and for your business has a financial consequence. On this podcast, I will cover the Six Components of Business Financial Literacy. Please keep in mind that there is no science to these six components. I personally came up with all six based on my experience working with independent contractors, sole proprietors, and micro business owners. These are the areas they seem to struggle with the most.

Episode 15 – The Difference Between a Sole Proprietorship and an LLC.

What is the difference between a sole proprietorship and an LLC? I answer that question on this weeks episode. There are several similarities between the two as well as a few major differences.

Episode 14 – What it Takes to Start Your Own Hair or Cosmetics Line

If you have ever wondered what you need to do or what you need to know in order to start your own hair product or cosmetic line, you should definitely listen to this week’s episode where I speak with Margaret Haven of Haven Research Center. We discuss everything from how to get started, product ingredients, and the importance of packaging and marketing your product. It’s a long discussion, but there are so many important and informative nuggets you will learn.

Episode 13 – California’s New Independent Contractor Law

On today’s show, I am going to discuss the new law that was handed down by the California supreme court which threatens to abolish the booth rental model and how the law may also affect salons that host traveling stylists.

Episode 12 – Three Reasons Why Beauty Industry Professionals Don’t Charge Their Worth

I will be talking about why beauty industry professionals sometimes have difficulty charging our worth and how we can overcome the barrier.

Episode 11 – How to Plan, Start, and Grow Your Salon Business

In this episode, I decided to repurpose a webinar that I did a few months ago.  The webinar discusses things you need to know if you are planning to start your own business.  It also covers information for those of you that already own a salon but still need ideas on what to put in place for your business.

Episode 10 – Free Apps and Tools for Business Owners

Desarie speaks with Mark Anthony Peterson about free or nearly free apps and software available to business owners.

Episode 9 – How to Record Certain Transactions Using QuickBooks Online Q & A

Desarie shares questions that have been asked by salon owners and hair stylists on the QuickBooks pro advisor platform.

Episode 8 – The Next Generation of Beauty and Barbering with Dr. Tye Caldwell

Desarie chats with Dr. Tye Caldwell about the next generation of beauty and barbering.

Episode 7 – Fit Money: Steps to Get Your Financial Life in Shape

Desarie speaks with guest Julia Carlson about retirement planning, planning for financial freedom, and steps to take to get out of debt.

Episode 6 – How Hair Stylists and Hair Salon Owners Can Use Pinterest to Grow Their Business

On today’s show, my guest Joanne Kaminski is going to talk about how hair salons and hair stylists can use Pinterest to build their business. She discusses the benefits of Pinterest, and why all hair stylists and hair salon owners should make it a point to have a presence on Pinterest.

Episode 5 – Ten IRS Audit Red Flags

Lately, I have noticed a recent uptick in the number of salons and hair stylists that are being audited by the IRS. Overall, it’s not surprising to me because the IRS has been known to audit cash-intensive businesses. Today, I’m going to talk about ten red flags that can trigger an IRS audit.

Episode 4 – Maintaining a Thriving Salon

Maintaining a Thriving Salon – Are you struggling to maintain a thriving salon? This show will give you the financial tools to help turn your struggles around.

Episode 3 – Who Makes More Money?

Who Makes More Money? Commission or Booth Rental Stylists – A show for salon professionals.

Episode 2 – Commission and Booth Rental

Commission and Booth Rental – Desarie talks about a topic that has both a taX and a profitability component attached to it. We will discuss booth rent vs. commission and what you need to know about both business models from a tax, IRS and profitability standpoint.

Episode 1 – Legal Entity

Legal Entity – Desarie talks about two areas that she receives a lot of questions about. “What type of legal entity should I choose for my hair salon business?” and “Should I open up a separate bank account for my business?”