Carol McClelland Fields

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, an award-winning author and Board Certified Coach, has been fascinated by how our culture navigates personal, professional, and large-scale transitions since the start of her career. She relies on her intuition, observation skills, and experience to notice and articulate emerging trends about change and how those trends impact our lives.

Carol supports Change Catalysts who work with clients creating and navigating personal and professional transitions. As the pace, scope, intensity, and the number of changes we face grow exponentially, Change Catalysts are on the front lines, helping clients find meaning in the chaos and create more of what they want in life.

As a dedicated Change Catalyst herself, Carol’s work has always centered around three themes: helping people gain clarity about the work they are called to do, guiding people through difficult times of transition using her Seasons of Change model, and training other Change Catalysts how to integrate the programs she’s created into their work with clients. She now uses her expertise to help other Change Catalysts flourish personally, professionally, and financially.

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Change Catalysts at the Growing Edge

Change Catalysts at the Growing Edge is a 50-minute talk show for Change Catalysts who support clients in creating and navigating personal or professional changes. Deep conversations with intriguing guests will transform the way you see change unfolding in the world—for yourself, your work, your clients, and your business. Our primary topics include deep self-care insights to support you in doing your best work, inspiring growing-edge ideas to enhance your work with clients, and compelling ways to flourish in your existing business and evolve your body of work.  Show debuts October 3rd!

Change Catalysts at The Growing Edge -Recent Episodes

Episode 4 – Moving from Burnout to Creative Resilience

Does your desire to be of service to your clients put you at risk of burning out? In this show, Carol and her guest, Anya Hankin, explore several Creative Resilience practices that will support you to re-engage with your life and your work. We also discuss how clarity about the focus of your work can deepen your connection to it

Episode 3 – New Trends in Transitions

Guest Host, Bobbye Middendorf, interviews Carol McClelland Fields about new trends in transitions that will enhance your impact as you work with clients navigating times of change. Carol also shares why she created a show just for Change Catalysts at the Growing Edge.

Episode 2 – Restorative Power of Nature with Karin Marcus

In this episode, Carol and her guest, Karin Marcus, explore how nature can be a physical, emotional, and spiritual source of comfort and hope during times of uncertainty and transition. Gain insights you can use in your own life and share with your clients.

Episode 1 – Signs of Hope in Our Changing World

When you are struggling to make sense of your life, business, or world events, how do you shift your focus to move forward with hope? How do you support your clients in doing the same? In this episode, Carol explores Signs of Hope with Nancy Seibel of Keys to Change.