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Audrey Hodge

Hodgepodge Solutions

I’m Audrey Hodge. I’m a wife, mother, and book worm. With an eye for detail and a love of reading, errors jump off the page at me.

When I’m not reading or crafting, I can be found out in the garden or taking a walk with my family. I’ve been told by clients—and my husband—that what they love about interacting with me is that I’m concise and straight-forward.

What I love about being a proofreader and copy editor is that I was able to combine my love of reading and helping people.


What We Do

I love that my business name, Hodgepodge Solutions, is a play on my last name. I take words that may be all jumbled up and bring order to them. As a proofreader and copy editor, I love saving writers from the never-ending task that is editing.

I help them avoid frustration and give them back time by doing the editing that is best done by a fresh set of eyes. I help the writers who are excited and anxious to get their story to their audience but want it to be at its very best. I provide them with peace-of-mind by reviewing their written words and making sure the message is clear and free from errors.

I love working with authors, publishing houses, bloggers, copywriters, and ghostwriters—really anyone who writes and sees value in having a second set of eyes on their work.

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