Inspired News Radio (INR) is a full-service podcast station and podcast hosting & marketing service, broadcasting globally (24/7) in EVERY time zone. We are a group of like-minded broadcast entrepreneurs creating a platform to help people all over the world.

What sets us apart from other stations?

Advertising with Inspired News Radio is a unique experience. We are a standout as a global podcast station with our emphasis on positive and inspirational programming that engages our listeners. And we partner with our podcasters to help expand their audience reach and business growth through our personalized training, digital marketing, and hosting services. Our shows are available 24/7 and reach all international time zones. And each episode can be streamed or downloaded to our listeners’ mobile devices from our website as well as Apple Play or Google Play.

With its wide range of programming, you will reach a global audience with ever-growing demographics. Podcasting is rapidly growing in popularity, whether live or on-demand, and is able to reach more listeners in the office and at home worldwide than ever before because of its convenience.

Benefits to You

  • Reach listeners globally.
  • Hit your target audience – our listeners are looking for a better quality of life & your products and services can enhance that.
  • Be a part of a unique and expanding marketplace.
  • With our programming conducted online and available around the clock, if your listener likes what they hear, they are just one click away to visiting your web site.
  • Replay your commercial spot on your web site or on other radio venues.
  • Discount when signing a 6-month or 1-year contract.
  • Production of 30 & 60 seconds commercial spots included with all sponsor packages.

For the sponsors of Inspired News Radio, our media platform features many opportunities to reach a diverse audience on a national and international scale. We offer flexible advertising options from image ads on our website, sponsoring opportunities for our shows or verbal mentions in our sponsored shows, as well as special live events. We provide very competitive packages.

Our Offerings

  • Rotational ad spots on Inspired News Radio channel.
  • Show sponsorship – individual or multiple shows, upon availability.
  • Verbal mentions before, during and after shows produced by INR and our expert hosts.
  • Various opportunities for advertising on the Inspired News Radio website.
  • Your advertising will remain evergreen — as a show sponsor your advertising will remain on the show even after the show is archived. Listeners will continue hearing your ad when streamed or downloaded from our archives.
  • Periodic Live Events.

Contact us today to request our rate sheet on our Crazy Low Fall advertising packages and how Inspired News Radio can help you expand your audience.