About Us

Inspired News Radio

The mission of Inspired News Radio is to deliver positive programs to the world designed to inspire, inform, educate and motivate.

Inspired News Radio is a full-service Internet talk radio station broadcasting positive programs globally in every time zone. We are a small group of like-minded broadcast entrepreneurs that have created a platform to share our message with the world.

INR is the best of both worlds – streaming live 24/7 as well as podcast-like shows that can be streamed anytime or downloaded to your mobile device. We are reinventing Internet radio. We re-broadcast our shows multiple times to reach all international time zones.

While our primary focus is business we offer a wide variety of topics including health, wellness, lifestyle, and humor that appeal to our worldwide listening audience.


Scott Sullivan
Program Director
Scott Sullivan & Associates

Scott Sullivan brings 30 years of business experience to Inspired News Radio with a vast network of business people, from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 500 companies. Scott’s unique ability to build teams from diverse backgrounds has been an integral part of his success over the years. Scott was bitten by the broadcasting bug early in life working as an on-air personality in small- and mid-market stations such as WXIL in Parkersburg, WV, WPAY, WNXT and WIOI in Southern Ohio. Scott has also provided DJ services for nightclubs around the Midwest.

Scott’s journey has come full circle after decades of achievement in the sales and marketing arena. He is happy to be back in the world of broadcasting, bringing with him all of his experiences (and lots of stories) to Inspired News Radio.

Susan Sullivan
General Manager

Susan is delighted to have launched InspiredNewsRadio.com with her partner in crime and husband, Scott Sullivan. With a long history in the business world (too many years to count), working in both the public and private sectors, Susan started out in corporate America and served two terms in public office. For the past 15+ years, she has flourished as the owner of Susan Sullivan Virtual Assistance, providing marketing and business support to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“The best part of what I do is helping my clients shine by getting their message out to the world.  Promoting others via ‘positive talk radio with a purpose’ felt like a natural extension of what I’ve been doing in my marketing business – and even more FUN!”

In her role as General Manager, Susan is the glue that holds everything together. Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the station, she strives to create a nurturing and energetic environment for our talented team to thrive doing what they each do best.

Susan is an avid dog lover, enjoys traveling and going on adventures with her two free-spirited grandsons.

Jennifer Burum
Communications Manager

As Communications Manager, Jennifer brings her 30+ years of Administration experience to the industry.

Jen thoroughly enjoys the diversity of each client that she meets. She thrives on helping others stay on track and is an integral asset in our administrative and financial department.

Jen is a California native who enjoys great adventures with her family and her favorite little people – her grandsons. She has a varied background and enjoys the outdoors and making new forever friends.

As a realist and optimist, Jen’s personal life quote sums it all up: “If you can see the positive side of everything, you’ll be able to live a much richer life.”


Robin Pine Miles
Marketing Manager

Robin is our Marketing Manager and comes to Inspired News Radio with over 30 years’ experience as an Administrative Assistant in a variety of fields, spending the last 4+ working as a Virtual Assistant.

As a VA, Robin has learned and developed many marketing skills, and enjoys the challenge of trying to stay on top of the ever changing and growing social media marketing arena, always learning new programs and systems.

A native of rural Northeast Oregon, Robin enjoys the freedom her work brings to be able to spend time fishing and camping with her husband, attending concerts, and supporting and encouraging her friends and family and enjoying her two grandchildren.

Robin is an introvert who can usually see both sides to any situation, making her a calming voice in many storms. Her favorite motto hangs in her kitchen: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Meagan Albury
WordPress Designer


Meagan Albury brings years of varied business experience and humor to the Inspired News Radio team as their “Um. Do we have a backup?” Person.

Human resources management, marketing, small business ownership, and a love of medieval history all contribute to her eye for what makes a WordPress website work for a company and its customers.

She believes in car dancing, long walks with her very bossy corgi, and eating dessert for breakfast.

Her motto? Don’t sweat the small stuff – celebrate it. You might be surprised at the life lessons you learn along the way.


Our Inspired News Radio Support Team

Meet our passionate support team, hard at work behind the scenes, whose  combined skills, knowledge, and humor all contribute to making Inspired News Radio a success:

Scrappy Doo decided that being adorable wasn’t a truly fulfilling life goal and is now our in-house Human Trainer. He keeps us fit with a strict regimen of jumping up and running to open the door. Then closing the door. Then opening the door. We’re happy to report that we’re up to 20 reps a day and our abs and hammies are fab.

Sammy – Front Desk Barkceptionist. A fast learner, he tore through the employee handbook in his first five minutes. His exceptional hearing allows him to announce (with perfect vocalization at impressive decibel levels) every UPS, USPS, and FedEx Delivery before the trucks have even pulled up out front. His motto is “no visit should be a surprise”.

Stewie – Chief Technology Flufficer. We are proud to say he’s chewed halfway through his WordPress for Dummies guide and is almost able to pronounce “hypertext protocol”. He successfully dislodged Susan’s router twice and we think, although we cannot confirm, that he managed to stream Radio Havana Cuba live through Finnegan’s satellite ears for almost 13 whole seconds.

Kiki comes to INR with a BA in marine biology. But an allergic reaction to all bodies of water forced a career change. As our resident Administrative Purrsistant, she does an incredible job of decluttering our desktops by knocking loose pens and cups of coffee out of the way and making sure we recycle unwanted scrap paper into toys for homeless kittens.

Finnegan – Snack Safety Flufficer. He herds everyone together into the middle of a room for random treat inspections, monitors daily snack deliveries for freshness, and chaperones all humans to and from the INR kitchen.