Rianna M. Hill

Rianna M. Hill has been running Facebook Ads and Social Media for Business since 2014, after starting her career selling and designing ads for a newspaper in 2013. She formally incorporated this work into Pancake Digital Solutions, Inc. in May of 2017 and is currently working on a Doctorate in Business Administration online (ABD May 2020).

Originally born in Denver, Colorado she currently lives on the Washington peninsula, yet is often moving around the country as a Navy wife with two mystery-mutt pups and a crafting habit. (You may frequently see her knitting on calls)


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Pancake DigiBytes

The Pancake DigiBytes Podcast has been crafted to share with you the inside out of digital marketing. With the increasing speed of Advertising and Social Media for business, it can feel overwhelming to know what kind of marketing is best for your business

Each week, host Rianna M. Hill shares tips and tricks of what is current in digital marketing, breaking topics down into a “short stack” or a “topping” to take them on one bite at a time.

These informative clips are alternated with interviews of other business owners and agency owners sharing the behind the scenes of what it takes to run and marketing a business or build a digital marketing agency.  

Pancake DigiBytes – Recent Podcast Episodes

Ep. 35 – Breakfast With: Kimber Hill

Enjoy this entertaining Breakfast with series as Rianna M. Hill speaks with Kimber Hill, Founder and CEO of VirtForce, the organization bridging the gap between America’s Active Duty Military Spouses and virtual careers. Listen in as Kimber describes how she created...

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Ep. 34 – When to Post on Facebook

Enjoy this Shortstack episode with Rianna M. Hill as she goes through ways you can decide when the best time would be to post on Facebook for those who are just getting started with their online business. She addresses how often you should post on social media whether...

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Ep. 33 – Breakfast With: Jennifer Lehr

Enjoy this informative Breakfast with Series with Jennifer Lehr of WeConcile. Jennifer Lehr, MFT, is an author, Marriage and Family Therapist, and the founder and creator of WeConcile®, an affordable online DIY relationship restoration program for couples. Listen to...

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Ep. 30 – Breakfast With: Joey Vitale

Enjoy this informative Breakfast With series where Rianna M. Hill interviews Joey Vitale of Indie Law. Joey is a trademark attorney (also known as a "brand legimizer") for online entrepreneurs, emerging thought leaders, and course creators. With his law firm and his...

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Ep. 29 – Breakfast With: Tracy Brown

Rianna M. Hill interviews Tracy Brown, who is an RD devoted to do-no-harm health marketing strategies. This episode dives into how Tracy has provided guidance to people recovering from chronic dieting, body image issues, and disordered eating. Tune in to learn more...

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Ep. 28 – When the Timing isn’t Right

In this episode, Rianna M. Hill will be discussing how to navigate when the timing isn't right for your business. She'll also provide tips on what not to do when someone tells you that the timing isn't right. After listening to this episode, you will know the right...

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Ep. 27 – Breakfast With: Kate Allyson

Enjoy this episode with Kate Allyson of Kate Allyson Creative: Book Writing Coaching and Editing! Kate specializes in helping women coaches, entrepreneurs, and professionals write influential books so they can have the impact they desire. Visit Kate's Website:...

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